Fiona Murray

Fiona Murray

AGE: 19

HOMETOWN: Wanaka/Christchurch NZ

BIKE: Specialized Enduro


3 BIKE ESSENTIALS: A Muesli bar for some extra fuel and a multi tool (In the Specialized Enduro frame compartment). Also, swimwear (in the summer) for an after ride dip. Swapped out for gloves in the winter.

About me

I love running and dabbling in many other sports. A few of my favourites currently are skiing and skating.

I am currently studying interior design in Christchurch. I love architecture and all aspects of design. 

In terms of riding bikes, I have a DH background but have recently been enjoying doing more Enduro races.

I like getting out there and exploring what the world has to offer, I love the saying “you never know if you don’t go.”

I also find it inspiring to see people push themselves and believe in themselves, that definitely inspires me to do better and dream bigger. The “Anything is possible until proven otherwise” mindset is a great one.