Michael Simek

Michael Simek

AGE: 41

DAY JOB: Web Developer

HOMETOWN: Christchurch/Prague

BIKE: Intense Carbine (by far the most used one), Specialized Crux (commuter and CX machine), Intense Sniper (XC race bike and backup bike), Specialized P3 (play bike)


3 BIKE ESSENTIALS: A Bike, a good trail and if it is not a therapeutic ride, some mates – everything else is handy but not essential!

About me

I am from Czech Republic, which means I come with a funny accent, also my last name is pronounced Shimek! I give all disciplines (that involve trails) a go (Enduro, XC, CX, DH…). I am not the fastest but I have fun trying! 

You might see me looking at and analysing features more than sending them, but give me time and I will get them one day. I love working on my skills and helping others with their riding – even have a coaching certification!

I am inspired by people who have fun, ride with a bit of style and work on their skills. Cool locations and trails. I don’t get inspired by big hucks and sends or crazy freeride stuff, because I am a wuss and I can’t relate to it!