Patterson Stark

Patterson Stark

AGE: 11 years till 80

DAY JOB: Chiropractor, Specialist Lifestyle Medicine / Human performance

HOMETOWN: Santa Barbara, Ca, NOW Christchurch

BIKE: 22 Levo Expert Carbon

FAVOURITE PLACE TO RIDE: Port Hills and anywhere in NZ + Switzerland is on list

3 BIKE ESSENTIALS: Beans – they power you with carbs – then your bacteria make Fatty Acids for you and give you even more energy – just ask any of my Vegan athletes. It’s an extra gear in the can! Perfect suspension set up on the LEVO. Watching others have great rides and great health as result

I was a California “waterboy” with Olympic dreams in platform and springboard diving (1972) ..but they were crushed by a broken ankle… however the competitor in me never left. Water Polo and of course surfing from age 10 kept me away from any 2 wheeled adventures – but I did have a brief love affair with a Raffael Giminani race bike for a couple of years in the late 60’s – I just found it crazy to hand sew up those tyres!  I found motorcycles – and a love of canyon racing.  Illegal – but fast in California. 

After 9 years in university, I finally had my ticket to print money… so they said.  I started private practice in Crested Butte, Colorado and then on to La Jolla, California. There, I got involved with Motocross – as a Sports doctor associated with top riders for Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.

I started lecturing to my peers on nutrition/biochemistry and lifestyle in 1981 and have never really lost interest in it, or Applied Kinesiology – the body is fascinating. But things change….

Oddly, in  1989 I came to NZ to die. I had the big C and it was not responding to Chemo – so with affairs in order, I got off NZ 1 and started a new life (procrastinating the dying thing). 

The renaissance began on the South Island  and I moved from a house overlooking the sea and 8 lanes of freeway in Del Mar to the Banks Peninsula, then to Nelson. I spent about 8 years there.  I retired from practice in 89 and just tried to stay above ground. Eating mostly plants and a little NZ lamb I really got into karate, running, weight training, yoga and a what Buddhist Monk had to say – all had a part to play as I left the cancer behind. I found another love in Nelson however, paragliding and learned all that I could.  I left for the comp circuit in Europe 1997 and represented NZ in the Air Olympics in Turkey held every 4 years for all aviation disciplines. It was great.

Fast forward to post-quake Christchurch 2012 and a good friend gave his 2006 Specialized Epic Mountain Bike!  In 2016 when the Levo came out those skills really started to improve as I could now ride everyday.. I Now have Levo #4 and I average about 6-8000 K per year – mostly the port hills.  

I am really proud to be a “Geratric Ambassador” (GA) for Specialized and want to bring the message of ebiking as a “lifestyle necessity” to the broader public and athletes in general. 

See you out there!