Dyedbro Frame Protection

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Dyedbro Frame Protection

Coming from a small bike company created by riders to cover riders needs. This is the best universal, easy to install frame protection. Apart from the classic clear protection there are plenty of designs to make sure you can find the right product that fits your style and your bike. Besides creating something truly functional, Dyedbro added a new degree of customization to mountain bikes.

Here are some featured points on this product:

  • Designed to protect frame top tube, down tube, seatstays and chainstays with 8 pieces in total.
  • Fits all bikes.
  • Eliminate paint chips and scuffs to all protected areas.

Check our Dyedbro Frame Protection range here

How to apply the protection?

Check this short video on how to get your frame protector application on point.

How to remove the protector?

Want a new style? Simply reverse the wrap process, ease up the adhesive with the heat gun and peel off gently using more heat as required. Clean up, and install your new pattern.

Check our Dyedbro Frame Protection range here

– Team Cycleways

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