Poc Kortal & Kortal Race Mips - Designed to win!

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Poc Kortal & Kortal Race Mips - Designed to win!

POC Kortal

Complete protection for trail and enduro, the Kortal helmet provides lightweight, extended protection and a seamless fit with goggles. With extended protection zones and uninterrupted ventilation, you’ll find safety and comfort wherever you choose to ride, and however hard you push. Design ensures goggle strap does not cover any ventilation ports.

Certified for use with e-bikes, the helmet passes the Dutch NTA8776 standard, which tests helmets at higher impact speeds than for standard bicycle use. Currently, this is the only standard for e-bike helmets.

In a crash, the patented breakaway peak will snap away from the helmet, helping to protect against neck injury.

POC Kortal Race

NCF MEDICAL ID / Store your vital medical info and emergency contacts within the helmet so first responders can instantly get the information they need.

MIPS INTEGRA / The latest technology from brain protection specialists Mips, which aims to enhance rotational impact protection.

PATENTED BREAKAWAY PEAK / A patented breakaway peak will snap off in a crash to enhance neck protection and reduce the chance of injury.

UNINTERUPTED VENTILATION / Design ensures goggle strap does not cover any ventilation ports

EXTENDED PROTECTION / Extended zones around the temples and back of the head give extra protection in risk areas

UNIBODY SHELL / The unibody shell enhances the structural integrity of the helmet

EPS LINER / A lightweight EPS liner gives optimized protection

 – Exceptional coverage, uninterrupted ventilation, a fully adjustable fit and integrated technology for enhanced safety. The MTB helmet where boundaries don’t apply.


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