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ISO 20mm Thru-Axle Front Disc Hub

-Super large bearing with 24 ball bearings per side for unparalleled strength & durability
-197 grams (complete hub)
-Can easily swap to a 15mm thru axle -LD: Large Diameter

This design was a challenge. As with all of our products, we wanted the 20mm Thru-Axle Front Disc Hub to be the best that money could buy. Our design criteria were simple: a one piece super strong axle that could be adjusted in the field with a single wrench, without removing the wheel, the toughest bearings possible and it needs to build an excellent wheel while still looking sharp and not weigh in like a stuffed pig.

We had to design an entirely new bearing for this guy. It is about the same size as a one inch headset bearing. Bigger than anything else out there. A high strength, 110mm, one piece aluminum axle is capped with 2 stainless steel axle biters to hold onto your fork legs like crazy. Why a one piece axle? Some other hubs require that you adjust the hub bearings by clamping the fork legs together harder, while others have no adjustments at all. You want strong? Looking for reliability and ease of adjustment? Look no further.

A compatible ISO 15mm axle is available for this hub as a new assembly or as an axle replacement kit