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At nearly 20% lighter than our (already) lightweight stand collection, the Ultralight takes no performance shortcuts to achieve its feathery 4.8kg total weight. Despite a slender scale reading it still possess the same durability and stability of our other stands. With the 360° rotating Slide-Lock clamp and a 137cm wide base with rubber-coated end caps, confidence in the security of your bike is never in question. And when the service day is done, it folds in to a space-saving unit for storage or travel. Look to our Tool Tray and Pro Truing Station upgrades to create the optimal home bike maintenance setup.

• Clamp features Slide-Lock ratchet for quick closure and Amplifying Clutch for precision clamping pressure
• 360° rotating clamp design provides easy access to any part of your bicycle
• Frame clamp adjusts from 90-145cm in height; oriented vertical, horizontal, and everything in-between
• Rubber clamp jaws protect expensive components and confidently secures any bike
• Clamp opening up to 4.8cm accommodates large diameter frame tubes
• Anodized 6000-series aluminium construction is lightweight, corrosion resistant and incredibly durable
• Stiff tripod base and rubber-coated end caps create ultimate stability even on uneven surfaces
• Total load capacity of 39kg accommodates service on most road, cyclocross, mountain bikes, and electric bikes
• Portable and compact construction creates a remarkably small folded footprint of 13 x 16 x 96cm
• Quick-release fittings make setup and storage fast and easy
• Optional Travel Bag available
• At 4.8kg, hitting the road with this stand is never in question
• 3-Year Warranty

Precision, innovation and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports bike repair stands, and the Ultralight certainly earns its label.
The Ultralight is the benchmark for basic bike maintenance, trailhead service and creating generations of skilled mechanics, when lightweight and portability are the priorities. Its portability, stability, and durability make it a great value for bike tune-ups, bike washing and drivetrain cleaning. With the convenient Slide-Lock clamp and adjustable height, getting your bike securely mounted and positioned perfectly takes little effort and zero time. Maximize your effectiveness as a bike mechanic with remarkable height adjustability and clamp adaptability.
And when the bike maintenance duties are done, the Ultralight quickly folds into a compact unit and fits in an available travel bag, ready for your next cycling adventure. Streamline your world with the bike maintenance and bike washing stand that revolutionized home bike repair.