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High-security chain retention and bulletproof chainring defense in an innovative, lightweight package with
zero efficiency loss make the SXg ideal for a wide range of uses. Whippersnapper™ technology provides
lower retention without moving parts or friction. The most advanced chainguide on the market, the SXg is
the go-to of the top Rampage stuntmen, World Cup downhill pilots, and superhuman enduro tacticians.

• Whippersnapper lower guide halts the otherwise drop inducing chain whiplash caused by deep compressions and successive hits.
• Full-size, nylon HD upper guide with co-molded TPU material on the interior walls and ceiling that silences chain contact.
• Aluminium and Carbon backplate options provide a stiff foundation at two price points.
• Integrated SX skid provides safeguard to the chainring and glides over rocks and obstacles.
• Nylon and TPU co-molding in the Whippersnapper provides durable protection from external blows and mutes internal contact with the chain.
• Swingset technology allows for the upper guide and skid to conveniently swing out of the way during installation and service procedures.
• Two rear skid mounting positions in the backplate are provided to accommodate a range of chainring sizes.
• All installation and adjustment operations are possible with just a single 4mm HEX wrench.
• Available in 30-34t and 34-38t sizing.
• Alloy guides compatible with chainlines 49mm and wider, carbon 50mm and wider. Boost 148 compatible.
• ISCG-05 only.
• 106g (30-34t Carbon ISCG-05) – 149g (34-38t Alloy ISCG-05)

*Core Series SXG features a pressed steel backplate