All New Como SL & Vado SL Step Through - equipped with everything you need for spontaneous fun

All New Como SL & Vado SL Step Through - equipped with everything you need for spontaneous fun

Turbo Como Super Light

More riding time and less maintaining - The internal gear hub (IGH) keeps the gears housed and sealed inside the rear wheel, protecting them even at the most packed bike rack, and the optional Gates belt drive doesn’t need lubrication like a chain does.

Designed for all seasons in all regions - The Como Super Light isn’t slowed down by bad weather, with powerful disc brakes and high-volume 650b x 2.3” Nimbus tires. DRYTECH fenders deflect the dirt and water away from you, while integrated lights ensure you’re always lit. And the most important components—Internal Gear Hub, battery, and cables—stay protected from the elements and running clean.

Equipped to carry nearly twice its weight - A built-in rear rack with a 20 kg capacity can hold two panniers, while a frame-mounted front porteur rack can carry 15 kg. The front rack comes with a removable basket, and it’s fully integrated to the frame, so it won’t flop around at low speeds. It also comes with a kick-stand, so you can park anywhere.

Smiles for miles - The Como SL delivers the assurance of a 320Wh battery, good for up to 100 km of range in Eco mode, plus the security of having it integrated within the frame. An optional Range Extender adds up to 50 km of additional range. It’s fully removable, compact, and easy to charge whenever you are, so you can top off on the go.

Overall, Turbo Como Super Light is a fun, get-around-town e-bike.

Turbo Vado Super Light Step Through

There's no other e-bike out there with ride quality, range, and power like this, at a weight that's light enough to carry. Turbo Vado Super Light Step-Through is best for your daily commute, quick errands and getting around town. Extra-bright, built-in lights in front and back mean you'll see and be seen. DRYTECH fenders keep water and road spray away, and a standard rear rack is always ready for your bags and panniers. This is your go-to for local transportation.

 Turbo Vado Super Light Step-Through offers everyday active riders popular 2x you rider amplification, 40% lighter weight, and smooth future shock suspension in an e-bike that is even easier to get on.

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