Specialized 2022 Jett: Kids bike that fits better for longer

Specialized 2022 Jett: Kids bike that fits better for longer

Lightweight and Fast Rolling

The Jett 24” weighs in at just 9.39kg. The sleek design, light weight, and fast-rolling Pathfinder Tires will have kids leading the pack or keeping up with the grown-ups.

Ultimate Comfort

The narrow diameter grips and adjustable brakes makes sure that the rider can comfortably steer and control the bike. This comfort instils confidence as the rider can manoeuvre easily.


The Jett is the most adjustable and highly kids-specific bike on the market.

Adustability for three summers

Kids tend to grow faster in their arms and legs than their torso and this is a bike that can accommodate average growth for up to 3 summers. Adjustability comes from 2-hole positions 20” and 24” geared bike cranks, a longer seat post, and adjustable handlebars for extended reach. Use the Fit Tool to get all the adjustments perfectly dialled as your kid grows.

Going further and faster

A kids-specific 130mm Bridge Saddle and narrow q-factor cranks create hip-knee-ankle alignment for the rider. This helps to avoid knee pain and improve pedalling power—so riders can pedal further, faster.


How to build your Jett?

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