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Less weight - More Power: All New 2022 Turbo Kenevo Super Light

Less weight - More Power: All New 2022 Turbo Kenevo Super Light

Integrated Design

Merging the renowned handling and suspension of the Enduro with a Turbo Super Light motor, the Kenevo SL offers a previously unattainable combination of light weight, responsive handling, and big mountain capability. This is a rider’s bike, designed by trail riders with dedicated trail riders first and foremost in mind. It’s more of everything that we know and love about the Enduro—more power to climb, more pop when you need it, more laps, more drops, more jumps, more stoke. And it does this with a fraction of the mass usually associated with e-MTB performance.


Benchmark Enduro handling and super light construction are amazing traits by themselves, boosting them with 240 watts of peak power and 35Nm of torque amplifies everything

Natural Ride Experience

At an impressive 5.5kgs LESS than the Full Power Kenevo, the Kenevo SL offers an intuitive, natural ride experience unlike any other e-MTB.  A full monocoque FACT 11m carbon frame keeps the weight down, the strength up, and our integrated design approach centers the mass of the motor and battery so well as to be invisible.

Refined Suspension

Incredibly refined six-bar suspension design, 170mm of precisely controlled, Rx tuned travel, adjustable geometry, FACT 11m carbon fiber chassis, and a motor that interfaces with both bike and rider so seamlessly, so intuitively, that the power delivery feels like a natural extension of yourself—this all adds up to a ride that is truly like no other.


Now you’ve got the power to overcome those trail monsters that have been your arch-enemy forever.

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