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Winter Guide

Winter Guide

There is so much to love about winter time

We're lucky enough to live in a country with a climate that still allows us to get out and about, no matter the season. Whilst it might get cold we know with good clothing you can still get out and enjoy some winter riding. There is so much to love about this time of year.
We've put together this guide to keep you warm and winter ready.


Traditional thick, heavy and clunky MTB pants are a thing of the past. Clothing quality and design has shifted drastically, pants have become slimmer and more breathable. New fabrics have been introduced to ensure freedom of movement and comfort that usually only ever existed in your favourite pair of shorts. We have a comprehensive range of technical mountain bike pants that will not only keep you dry and warm but comfortable as well.

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A good, breathable bike specific jacket will keep you warm for longer. Non breathable waterproof jackets will make you wet from sweat as they don't allow excess heat and moisture to escape. These jackets are very technical and are made to make your winter rides enjoyable. A waterproof and windproof layer will take care of you when things turn nasty. It is very important to have a jacket that can wick that sweat away and keep you protected from water and mud!

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Winter riding just isn't possible without good gloves! Good cycling gloves will transform your winter ride, with the right design they not only keep your fingers warm but help with braking and shift performance.

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Bike lights have come a long way over the years. Whether you're looking to be seen and safe or you want lights to light up the trails, we have you covered. With so many smart technical features we can help you choose the right light for you and purpose.

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Last but not least are all the accessories that are designed to keep the cold, the wet, or wind out. Our range of shoe covers and waterproof socks will provide much needed insulation and keep you dry.

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