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New Arrival - Aeroe Backpacking

New Arrival - Aeroe Backpacking

Aeroe - Versatility and ease of use!

With the explosion of bikepacking in recent years, it’s been great to see the sheer number of brands innovating different ways of carrying gear. The one product that really stood out to us is the Aeroe Spider Rack. We sought them for their versatility and ease of use, not to mention the ability to add additional carrying capacity for extended trips. If you're planning on hitting some backcountry adventures in the near future, look no further than Aeroe!

Spider Rear Rack

The Spider Rear Rack is a great improvement on the original Freeloader rack (now sold as the Thule Pack’n’Pedal Tour). Tyre clearance and stability is increased, and their curved cradles suit carrying dry bags. The mounts are easy to adapt for different shaped seat stays, are ok to use with both alloy + carbon, and are suitable for both full suspension and hardtails. These pair really well with the Aeroe Heavy Duty Dry Bags, with built in loopholes that reduce any unwanted movement and reflective graphics for road sections.

Spider Handlebar Mount

The Spider handlebar mount is a great complement to the Spider Rear Rack, and helps evenly distribute load across the front and rear of the bike. They securely fit to virtually any handlebar diameter, and I've found that it clears cables much easier than a conventional handlebar roll, not to mention substantially quieter.

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